About Us

NILESH IMPEX INDIA PVT LTD was founded in the year 2003 under the efficient leadership and guidance of Mr. Vijay Vadav. The knitwear manufacturing hub located at Tirupur, Tamil Nadu was chosen as the base of this company. The company originally started as a trading company that was popularity known by the name of TRIMS GALLERY. Born with a unique dream, this company transformed itself and its operations from a simple supplier to a leading manufacturer within a short duration of time. Soon it had the skilled workmanship and latest machinery to manage the modern production requirements. NILESH IMPEX INDIA PVT LTD also had in-depth capacities to create garment trimmings and accessories, a huge potential for catering to multi orders while at the same time maintain incomparable standards of production quality.

Since the very beginning, our stringent commitment to our work and quality standards have made us grow tremendously within a short span of time. We have also created a strong niche with our products and services in a highly competitive global market. At NILESH IMPEX INDIA PVT LTD, we possess a good range of collection along with plenty of varieties for each category. The products are made from variegated fabrics and Iaces that range from Nylon, Cotton, Chemical, Embroidery, Lycra, GPO, Crochet, Burg, Batten, Fabrics for Embroideries (Schiffli) and Laces, Mess Embroidery Fabrics, Motifs, Necks and Seal Tags. Our production capacity for Embroideries all over Laces/fabrics, GPO Laces/ fabrics is up to 5 lakh meters per month and for seal tags our production capacity is up to 30 Iakh pieces per month. The exclusivity and uniqueness of our products rests with the subtlety and the intricacy of their designs as well as flawlessness of finish. For everything that we produce, we maintain our all pervasive strict quality parameters that in turn guarantee maximum satisfaction from our customers. It is such attributes that have enabled us to quickly adapt in an ever changing and challenging fashion industry.

As a leading company associated with the clothing industry, we focus our energies of enhancing customer satisfaction by striving to provide products that are of the highest essence in the prescribed time limit. Our vision to deliver superior products to our customers every time and delighting them have garnered us the best reviews as quality product providers. With our help, our clients can consistently build their market reputation for greater success in business.